Basic Assessment
Congratulations to all our members who have been successful this year in passing the BBKA Basic Assessment - Walter Burin, Claire Henley, Chris Johnson, Keith Philliskirk and John Weber.
Our thanks also to those who have helped with the training programme.
Any member who has kept bees for at least one whole season, spring to spring, should consider having their skills assessed in this way. It is not an examination as such and is purely practical with oral questions, and can be a valuable learning experience. If you know the parts of a colony of bees, basic bee diseases, how to catch a swarm and are able to recognise problems in the hive, then you are well on the way to gaining the certificate, a badge to sew on your bee suit and mention in the BBKA News. As it is an indication that you are a competent beekeeper, it may help you when looking to obtain a site for your bees or permission to sell your honey at markets. 
Having this certificate is the first step in obtaining other beekeeping qualifications if you wish to learn more about bees and beekeeping.  So please do think about taking your ‘Basic’ next summer. Talk to those members who have already done it and hopefully we will have more successes to report next year.




Asian Hornet

As the season is alomst upon us here is a remminded of the importance of keeping an eye out for the asian hornet the video below is one beekeeper from Devons expreience



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