Jilly Halliday & Crew– Broomley Bees and Beyond

Jilly and a group of children from the Broomley Bees Project told us all about the work they do with schools along the Tyne Valley to raise awareness of bees. It was lovely to see such enthusiasm from the group and to have them talk and entertain us for the evening.

Rinke Vikenoog – Spring Management

Rinke, from Northumbria University, came to speak to us about pollination and the pros and cons of Himalayan Balsam (HB). We were given details of all types of pollinators and a brief history of HB in the UK. So, whilst HB is a nightmare alien species for many, for the honey bee it does provide significant late season forage.

Ian Campbell – The Principles of Bee Improvement

Ian looked at advice from two leading UK beekeepers, Roger Patterson and Jo Widdicombe, including avoiding queen imports, breeding from the best, culling the worst and the role of drones.

Ian Wallace – How to kill your bees without really trying pt 2

Former Seasonal Bee Inspector, Ian, gave us the second part of his practical and useful guide to keeping our bees healthy.

George Eames – Small Scale Queen Rearing

George explained the vital role of the queen and how to breed for desirable traits. He outlined methods including Demaree and Miller that could be used on a small scale and spoke of the need for planning and records for effective queen rearing.



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